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Navigating the path to autonomous vehicles (AVs) has often felt like chasing a mirage, promising much but staying just out of reach. The i4Driving project, a collaboration of experts from 17 partners in academia and industry, including Swiss Re, addresses the critical question of AV safety. With a focus on understanding driving behaviours in critical scenarios, the project aims to establish a new industry-standard methodology for assessing AVs’ safety against a credible human road-safety baseline. Over the next three years, the diverse i4Driving team will develop and test models incorporating the heterogeneity of driving behaviours using simulations and real-world accident data. Swiss Re’s involvement recognises the need for a paradigm shift in risk assessment as AVs become widespread, emphasizing collaboration within and across industries. By contributing expertise to identify safety-critical scenarios, Swiss Re aims to establish a human baseline for an insurance framework, assuring regulators that the public will be adequately protected in AV accidents. Together, in projects like i4Driving, we chart a course towards a future where AVs are not just a mirage but a tangible opportunity for society.

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